Alcoholic beverages factory

A lot of distilleries work in improper way. The main reason is that the equipment hasn’t been renewed for long time and modern automated technological lines haven’t been implemented.

Our professionals follow closely the development of scientific and technological trends that allows "AUTOLIK SERVICE INDUSTRY LTD" to use the technologies which proved their efficiency.
such as:
 - preparation of compounding materials by water-conditioning and in service environments;
 - multistage continuous filtration on char tower using platinum filters;
 - using of membrane filters just before filling;

After oil industry a distillery one is the second best line of business regarding its profitableness; therefore it is a good precondition for establishing of the enterprises alike.
"AUTOLIK SERVICE INDUSTRY LTD" takes part in reconstruction and construction of the new distilleries and alcoholic beverages factories with capacity of 250-2000 decaliters per year.

Alcoholic beverages factory includes:
- alcohol cellar;
- vodka sector site;
- liqueur and vodka sector site;
- washing-filling sector site;
- laboratory;
- administrative-domestic building;
- ancillary production.