Beer factories

The modern technology of the beer production is divided into the following main steps: wort mashing, mash filtration, wort boiling, wort clarification, wort cooling and aeration, fermentation, postfermentation, beer filtration, pasteurization, filling, packaging.
Our Company delivers  both decoction and infusion-mash brewing factories.

The total amount of produced beer grows annually. Consequently it conditions a strong competition in this kind of business.
It presents the highest level of requirements for parameters of beer filling equipment. The price of the product and thus its competitive advantage significantly depend on the equipment used by beer manufacturer.

"AUTOLIK SERVICE INDUSTRY LTD” constructs and reconstructs beer factories with an annual capacity of 50 000 – 300 000 hektoliters.

Manufacturing facilities of the factory include:
 - brewhouse;
 - cylindroconical tanks for fermentation and postfermentation;
 - yeast shop;
 - filtration shop;
 - cooling and compressor machines shop;
 - boiler-house;
 - filling shop;
 - output production  (packaging) shop.
Equipment delivery is carried out in cooperation with different high-quality equipment manufacturers to the full extent or in the form of reconstruction or modernization of selected technological bars.