Reinforced concrete and concrete products factories

Precast reinforced concrete with high qualitative parameters is the main structural material in the construction industry. Its use raises the level of industrial development and improves the quality of construction operations.  
Concrete is a stable durable and fire-resistant material.

Reinforced concrete and concrete products factories are a basis for all kinds of construction and because of this the business based on production of these materials will always be in demand. Today all over the world new generation factories that use full automation are built. It enables to diminish noticeably the cost of output production.

"AUTOLIK SERVICE INDUSTRY LTD" offers modern immovable reinforced concrete and concrete products factories as highly effective technological systems with automated control and big equipment capacity up to 4000 m3 of reinforced concrete structures per day.

The factory includes:
 - core ceiling panels manufacturing lines;
 - cross-beams and wall columns manufacturing lines;
 - paving slab manufacturing lines;
 - concrete rings and pipes of different length and configuration manufacturing lines;
 - reinforcement shop;
 - ready-mix station with concrete automatic running;  - warehouse and concrete-aggregate pre-operation section.