Investment management

The AUTOLIK SERVICE INDUSTRY LIMITED specializes on management of construction investments as in the field of commercial development,
as of industrial one. For this purpose we accompany the investment project at all its stages:
- forming the correct concept of the project and a preliminary estimation of its economy,
-assessment of investment appeal of the project and carrying out a preliminary investment brokerage on involvement in the project of potential direct and/or
financial investors,
-  forming an investment package for investment attraction and support of road maps of joint project implementation (and the subsequent assignment of part
of an asset for benefit of the investor),
- necessary support of the investment project on blueprint stage, constructions, technological equipment and commissioning.
 According to the specified scheme our international experts realized tens projects in Western and Central to Europe, Baltic, Turkey and the CIS countries:
hotel complexes (including the leading international chains), large shopping centers, the SPA& leisure centers, the theatrical and spectacular centers,
office centers, apartment and residential estates, multipurpose complexes.

The Schematic Design Process

The following is a flowchart outlining the requirements and expected outcomes of the Schematic Design process.

Schematic Design generally involves the preparation of design briefs and design sketches of the agreed development option.

This in turn is used to set out the project scope sufficient to permit the preparation of a Total Estimated Investment, (TEI) Cost Plan C1, which will confirm the project budget for the approved scope of works.

The Schematic Design activity may also include the preparation and submission of Town Planning applications, if required.


The Department may choose to extend the engagement of the consultancy team who undertook the Feasibility Study or advertise for consultants and select another consultancy team.

For this stage and the remainder of the project, the consultancy team, for ‘typical’ lump sum projects, will normally comprise:

Principal Consultant (usually an Architect) Service Engineer Structural/Civil Engineer Landscape Architect Building Surveyor Quantity Surveyor (separate appointment).
For larger and/or complex projects a Project Manager and ESD consultant are also appointed.