Lime factories

Construction lime is a product obtainable from calciferous and calciferous-magnesian carbonate massive material by its roasting in order to reach the maximum possible removal of carbonic acid and consists chiefly of calcium oxide. Depending on solidification conditions it is divided into air-hardening lime that provides hardening of mortars and concrete and their hardness retention in the air-dried working environment and into hydraulic lime that permits hardening of concrete and mortars as well as retaining their strength in the air and water environment.

Qualitative lime is applied practically everywhere. Some  examples of  its use are given below: medicine, space industry, gas purification, water treatment, chemical industry, steel industry, tanning industry, construction materials, gas concrete, dry construction mixes, cellular concrete, silex bricks, gypsum, chalk, fertilizers, nutritional supplements, fire-proof materials, fiber-cement materials… and much, much more. It is a good basis for organization of a highly-profitable business.

"AUTOLIK SERVICE INDUSTRY LTD" offers plants manufacturing high-quality evenly-burned lime of both strong (dry) and weak (soft) roasting with capacity of 10 - 500 ton per shift. Stably high quality and total automation of production process make these plants competitive in the world market
The equipment for lime manufacturing includes:
- large-sized ball mill;
-rotary or shaft kiln;
- rotary dryer;
- jaw crusher;
- rotary crusher;
- cylinder-type crusher;
- shaking sieve;
- sand-washer machine;
- belt-type conveyer and other equipment for crushing, calcination and lime manufacturing.