Perlite factories

Bloating is the basic process in perlit processing technology that determines the structure and the most important properties of the future product. Consequently it improves the quality of bloated perlit – water absorption is diminished and its durability is increased.  Low values of perlit heat conductance and poured density allow applying it as a heat-insulating element and concrete filler.

Because of its good physical, chemical and mechanical characteristics and its low costs perlit dominates the output growth among the heat and sound insulating materials. For example, in the USA its part on the market has increased from 30 up to 70 % for 5 years.

"AUTOLIK SERVICE IDUSTRY LTD" offers bloated perlit factories with the capacity of 50 000 m3 per year (The systems with higher capacity are projected upon client’s request).

Standard sections of the factory are the following:
-perlit crushing-screening section;
- drying section;
- flowing section;
- feeding of raw material to kiln section;
- weighing and measuring section;
- bloating section;
- packaging section;
- optional sections;
- air-transportation of raw material.