Gas concrete blocks factories

Autoclave hardening gas concrete is a construction material with unique characteristics. It combines the best qualities of two most ancient construction materials - stone and wood and is specified by low heat conductance, fire and frost resistance, big working resource, high strength and low density. It is also an eco-friendly material because it is produced from the mix of lime, sand, cement and aluminum dust.
Its use in construction industry cuts financial costs, reduces the time for erection of building envelopes. Gas concrete is free-machining material. The use of gas concrete blocks reduces a load of foundation. Consequently it allows building simpler foundations; and that, in turn, reduces time, labour and financial expenses.

Optimistic forecasts of experts concerning the development of the gas concrete market are well founded.  While manufacturers of other construction materials under the influence of crisis turned their activity off and froze manufacturing facilities, the market of gas concrete actively developed. The reason for such crisis activity is simple – market demand. Market experts note that in 2008-2012 against the drastic reduction of sales of other construction materials the gas concrete sales didn’t decrease. Moreover, it was started to use actively in out-of-town construction.

 "AUTOLIK SERVICE INDUSTRY LTD" offers: factories producing gas concrete blocks of autoclave hardening type with capacity of 200 – 2000m3 gas concrete blocks per day.

All lines manufacturing gas concrete blocks may be extended in a range of the specified capacity without changing the basic technological parts by means of increasing the quantity of autoclaves and circulation parts, such as forms, rack screens and carriages.

The main factories sections:

 - raw material preparation section;
 - moulding shop for solid mass preparation;
 - sawing shop;
 - autoclaving section;
 - packaging section;
 - warehouse.