Waste oil processing factories

New technologies of oil drying, deaeration, purification, separation, filtration and thermal cracking really allow getting high-liquid products from no longer needed waste raw materials without damaging ecology.
It is possible not only to transform the waste oils into inexpensive heat at favorable price, but also practically to return its full commercial cost.

The result of the processing is diesel fuel and co-products such as benzine and gas that are used for the factory’s own power needs (electricity, warm) making a factory a highly profitable and thus quickly recouping(2-4 years) enterprise.

"AUTOLIK SERVICE INDUSTRY LTD." offers services for construction of unique waste oils - motor, industrial, transformer and turbine - processing factory. The capacity of the factory varies depending on prospective amount of raw material from 1 ton up to 100 tons per day.

Factory includes:
- dehydrating section;
- cracking reactor;
- diesel fuel stabilization section;
- diesel fuel extraction section;
- purification section;
- benzine and gas generation station;
- system of monitoring and  technological process management.