Waste plastic processing factories

Technologies of the full cycle waste plastic processing with the use of sorting, crushing, granulation, thermoforming and extruding processes allow getting secondary polymeric raw materials with qualitative characteristics close to a primary material for various applications.

    Reworking of polymers becomes more and more profitable and perspective kind of business, in view of cheapness of the raw material, growing demand for polymeric production and because of the various preferential benefits on the part of the state for this kind of activity.

"AUTOLIK SERVICE INDUSTRY LTD.“delivers complete lines and builds factories on a turnkey basis, enabling to produce up to 50 000 tons of the output production per year with the guarantee and after-sales service.

Factory includes:
- waste processing grinders;
- crushers;
- granulators;
- thermoforming devices;
- extrusion devices;
- agglomerators;
- vacuum forming machines;
- films manufacturing lines;
- pneumatic transport;
- refrigeration.