Solid household waste processing factories

Solid household waste is a rich source of secondary resources and also the "free-of-charge" energy material, as household garbage is renewable raw material for fuel power industry. Burning is the most cost-effective and widespread technology out of those offered in the modern market.

The rational organization of processing enables to use up to 90 % of household waste. After burning of 1000 kg it is possible to get a heat energy equivalent to 250 kg of mazut burning. Moreover, it makes this business favorable and highly profitable and prestigious with the state support. For example the career of Angela Merkel is connected with this kind of business.

"AUTOLIK SERVICE INDUSTRY LTD." offers a turnkey construction of the universal factories of processing of solid hosehold and industrial waste. Our proposed technologies provide processing of waste in any quantity (it makes 500 000 ton per year for the city with the population of 1 ml inhabitants). Equipment operation is automated to the greatest extent. All processes are under the constant control of technical stuff and society - current parameters of processes are put into Internet.

The household waste processing enterprises include:
- garbage acceptance and sorting sections;
- burnable fraction burning and electric energy producing factory;
- unburnable fractions processing ant utilization sections.