Industry areas

"AUTOLIK SERVICE INDUSTRY LTD" engages a certain number of large organizations for the Project realization, and each of them fulfils its own function: financing, designing, construction, delivery of the equipment and its installation, mounting works, project management, engineering supervision and support.
Engineers and designers of our company always keep up with new engineering development and tendencies in different branches of industry that allows us to realize conceptions and wishes of our Clients on the highest level.

Branches of industry:

Construction materials factories

Reinforced concrete and concrete products factories.

Gas concrete blocks factories.

Lime factories.

Perlite factories.

     Beverage industry.

Beer factories.

Alcoholic beverages factories.

Soft-drink factories.

      Processing and utilization factories.

Solid domestic waste processing.

Waste plastic processing factories.

Waste rubber crushing and processing factories.

Construction waste processing factories.

Waste oil processing.